Running For Israel
Gary Null took some time to tell "Running For Israel" the best way to prepare, maintain, and recoup for a marathon. Here's what he had to say.
RFI: Gary, what's the best way to prepare before the race?
GN: It's extremely important to take in a lot of high complex carbohydrates. This consists of brown rice, tofu, seeds, and sweet potato. Also a little known secret is the intake of Vitamins...C,E, and multiple. And it goes without saying make sure you are well hydrated with water.
RFI: What about during the race?
GN: What the body needs is a lot of natural potassium and a constant replenishing of electrolytes. The most effective way of doing this is to drink coconut water together with one's normal intake of plain water. Sugar should not be consumed while running because it spikes blood-sugar levels drastically, and then causes those levels to drop drastically as well. Most commercial sports drinks do have electrolytes, but are loaded with sugar and should be avoided. Taking a multi-vitamin during the race is also an extremely efficient way of replenishing what the body needs.
RFI: What should a running do after the race to recover?
GN: The most important thing for a healthy and quick recovery is an intake of anti-oxidants. Some of the most effective being Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Green Tea, Grape Seed extract, and vegetable juice
RFI: Thank you Gary Null for your time!
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