Running For Israel


JAM, which stands for Jewish Awareness Movement, is a California-based organization. Founded in 1996 by a generous gift of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation, this unique organization hires young dynamic couples with strong Jewish educational backgrounds to serve as adult advisors to student clubs on college campuses.

Each year, JAM runs trips to Israel during winter and summer breaks. JAM's Israel trips combine mornings of exploring

Jewish topics with action packed afternoons filled with touring the country, rappelling, camel riding, horseback riding, climbing Massada and more. JAM's mission is to inspire young college students to love their heritage, find a group of like minded peers, and connect them to Israel.For more on JAM please visit


Honest Reporting is one of the world's largest media watch groups. Since October 2000, in addition to fighting an anti-terror war, Israel has been fighting a media war. In news outlets around the globe, journalists regularly misrepresent Israel as the aggressor and Palestinians as the victims. In response, Honest Reporting has assembled over 100,000 members to scrutinize the media for anti-Israel bias, and respond directly to relevant news agencies. For more on Honest Reporting please visit

Keren Y&Y

Keren Y & Y is an organization that supports needy families in Israel. The severe cuts in government support and the sharp rise in the price of basic foods has made it extremely difficult for many families. To ensure that contributions go directly into the home of needy families, Keren Y & Y gives cash coupons that are redeemable at local Israeli supermarkets. For more on Keren Y & Y please visit

One Family

OneFamily is the central private organization providing assistance to victims of terrorism in Israel. Since their founding in 2001, they have provided direct assistance to over 2000 victims and their families, totaling just over $10 million in assistance and programs to help them rebuild their shattered lives. For more on OneFamily, please visit