Running For Israel

Eric is originally from Twin Rivers, New Jersey. In 1995, at the age of 18, he took his first trip to Israel, which lasted an amazing 7 years. After living on a kibbutz and traveling the country, Eric began studying at Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem. In the spring of 2002, he received his rabbinical ordination from Aish.

Eric has always taken an active role in caring for those in need. As a teenager in Israel, Eric started a fund to help financially disadvantaged students by raising tens of thousand of dollars to provide scores of Jews with tefillin. Since returning to the United States, Eric has been involved in teaching and outreach programs in New York City and San Diego. Each weekend Eric, his wife Chaya, and their three daughters ages 6, 8 and 2, host dozens of young people at their table and provide otherwise unaffiliated Jews with a comfortable setting to enjoy a Shabbos meal.

Over the last six years, Eric has led numerous trips to introduce local youth to Jewish communities all over the world, including two incredible missions to communities in Brazil and Chile.

Today one of Eric’s greatest passions remains Israel and its people’s well being. Seeing the present situation that Israel finds itself in, Eric felt a need to help. He has chosen four different types of charities which mirror the different obstacles that Israel face.

Eric and Chaya Ertel